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Michael Thwaite

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Forget the environment for a moment, forget our troops fighting to secure the precious oil that so many burn so frivolously, and consider that you might like an electric car just because… It’s a nicer car.

I’m no longer a climate skeptic; it looks like the last 100 years is taking its toll on the world with record levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Living a lower carbon (and other pollutants) life is satisfying. I expect to damage the earth a little with my presence but, I hope that it’s a small enough dent that the natural forces of equilibrium can take care of it – like a sand castle on the beech, I hope that my impact will be washed away.

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EV advocacy

“Persuading the world in 2010 that EV’s are rubbish is like persuading the world in 1910 that horses are the future of transportation.”

Plug In America
President; Helping America make EVs happen

New Jersey Electric Auto Association
President; Having fun with other EVers

Founder; Bringing local food to school lunches

Tesla Motors Club
Partner; All things electric cars

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