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It’s good to have you here.

Everyone needs a quiet place to be; this is ours. Away from the hustle and bustle of facebook, instagram and Twitter. Here you’ll just find some information and stories about us. And, no Ads. – how about that?

Feel free to take a moment to just stare at the page, take in the plain and simple and relax knowing that an animated invitation to ‘like’ isn’t about to happen – nothing is going to refresh, no matter how long you wait. Go full-screen for a moments serenity.

Have a wander around, stay as long as you like, feel free to come back whenever you need to feel calm.

Michael Thwaite

ev advocate . technology fan-boy Forget the environment for a moment, forget our troops fighting to secure the precious oil that so many burn so frivolously, and consider that you might like an electric car just because… It’s a nicer car. I’m no longer a…

Pamela Jackson

author . advocate . vegan . electragirl Pamela Jackson grew up in the heart of the English countryside. A mother of two herself, she enjoyed many hours of reading to both children. Pamela believes that an early introduction to reading endows children with a life…